Two-Tone Airsoft Guns

Zombie Airsoft UK sell Two-Tone Airsoft BB guns and they are available for purchase by a person aged 18 years and over, any persons below this age must be supervised by an adult when using an Airsoft BB gun.

Two-Tone / "2-tone" Airsoft Guns are for people who are not registered at an airsoft club or society within the United Kingdom.  Zombie Airsoft’s range of Two-Tone guns are either injection moulded or painted metal.

Under section 36 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 it is an illegal act to alter the appearance of a Two-Tone/ "2-tone" Airsoft Gun to make it appear like a RIF or the real thing.

Budget Two-tone / "2-tone" electric airsoft guns are ideally for backyard plinking and are not considered as powerful enough for professional skirmishes. All of our Two-Tone / "2-tone" Airsoft gun range are UK legal and have been coloured in accordance with the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 so that the principle colour is sufficiently different from a real firearm. 

Zombie Airsoft UK sell a great range of Two Tone Airsoft BB Guns that will help you to nail your target shooting or up your skirmishing game and wipe out your enemys.  We stock some of the best Two Tone Airsoft Guns for you to enjoy!


Zombie Airsoft UK stock some of the best brand names in Airsoft BB Guns and products. We aim to give you the best value for money with our Two-Tone Airsoft Guns all backed up with our price match guarantee.

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