This buying guide from Zombie Airsoft UK to help you gain a bit more knowledge of our Two-Tone Airsoft Guns and Airsoft Products. If you are new to airsoft this guide should help you decide which purchase is right for you.

Airsoft Guns are mostly made from a type of plastic that is referred to on this site and others as "ABS plastic" which is incredibly strong and durable. Some of our Airsoft Guns are also made of metal, and some of the high-end pistols on here are made from Polymer (a very strong plastic-like material)

In most cases of two-tone pistols that are made of plastic, the plastic with be self-coloured (i.e. orange or blue plastic).  


Lots of buyers ask for metal guns taking it for granted that they are going to be better, but that is not necessarily so as some plastic bb guns are better than full metal ones and vice versa. so long as you are spending around £20 pounds or more you should be getting a fairly robust, reliable gun.

Spring Power Airsoft Guns

This is the most common type of BB Guns are spring powered.  Zombie Airsoft have spring pistols starting from £6. This type of Airsoft gun does not need any batteries or gas to make it shoot, this makes this category of bb gun also the cheapest to run. To fire it you simply need only for the player to pull back on the slide until it clicks then release, This makes the weapon ready to shoot, leaving you to just pull the trigger. Spring pistols will shoot in a range of about 100 fps minimum and the average pistol about 250 fps and with the most powerful shooting at over 350 fps (fps = feet per second)

Electric Power Airsoft Guns

Zombie Airsoft UK sell a range of Electric Powered Guns that come with batteries and chargers, so you are ready to go! Most of our Electric guns fire on full auto making them brilliant fun.

For the younger shooters we stock some mini rifle/pistols that also run on regular batteries. They hold loads of pellets (some over 500) and are very easy to use and reload as you just pour the pellets into the top of the gun, these guns tend to use use AAA OR AA batteries (but you can buy rechargeable ones), but one thing to keep in mind is that you need to use good quality batteries, cheaper ones will not be adequate. 
Electric Airsoft Guns make a great choice for those who do not want to cock the gun each time to fire. 


Gas Powered Airsoft Guns


Zombie Airsoft UK sell a range of gas-powered guns.  To operate you will either need to fill the magazine with Green gas or if it’s a CO2 gun use a CO2 capsule. The most common type of propellant is something called Green Gas. When the mag is filled up, you pull back on the slide once, and you're ready to go. All you need to do now is pull the trigger until the weapon is empty. Gas Blow Back pistols are a little less powerful on the whole then Non Blowback Pistols as the power of the gas is doing more things i.e. propelling the pellets and making the top slide recoil, as a result of this they will use gas faster and are not as economical as a Non Blow Back airsoft pistol.


Gas pistols tend to shoot in a range of about 250fps minimum with the most powerful shooting at over 400fps (fps = feet per second).  Gun maintenance is advised.

Remember NEVER REUSE PELLETS, this can damage the inside of your weapon and will void any warranty given